About Percutane Sports Cream

High Performance Percutane Sports Cream designed with its sustained warming action helps prepare muscles and joints for strenuous sport or recreational activity creating the optimal physical condition to help perform at your best. Percutane Sports Cream helps revitalise tired muscles, temporarily relieve exercise induced pain and assist in the management of sprains and muscle strains. It is non greasy & quickly absorbed into the skin, it doesn't leave an unpleasant odour unlike many other products so you can use it anytime, anywhere. It also provides prolonged relief with many people only needing to apply it once per day which offers good value and the 25g tube is convenient for pain relief on the go.

Percutane Sports Cream was developed by Warwick Lightbourne of the Cornwall Injury Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand in 1982 as a result of his work over many years with Olympians, sporting professionals and people suffering from arthritis. The formula has been fine tuned with each individual ingredient carefully selected and the quantities adjusted to create the optimum result.  The success has also spread globally with the product a worldwide brand with distribution established in Singapore, NZ, Sweden, Norway,  UK & Kenya.

  Percutane Sports Cream is manufactured at our TGA & FDA approved Australian manufacturing facilities in Salisbury, South Australian using the finest, quality ingredients.



Percutane Sports Cream is a unique plant based topical cream with many loyal users. It is a natural combination containing Capscaicin, Arnica, Burdock and Aloe Vera. 



           Chillies Arnica Montana Flower


        Burdock Aloe Vera

Capsaicin is derived from chillies & capsicum which reduces pain by inhibiting substance P, a neurotransmitter that sends signals to the brain. Capsaicin also produces a warming effect by vasodilation of the skin, stimulating blood flow, which allows better movement especially in cold conditions. 

Arnica, a natural oil derived from flowering plants that help soothe tired painful muscles and ease bruising

Burdock,  a herbal extract from the Arctium Lappa plant which helps reduce swelling.

Aloe Vera,  known for its emollient properties.