Kate Hollywood

KHEx-Hockeyroo and 2 times Commonwealth games Gold Medallist, Kate Hollywood, is one of the more recent people to discover the benefits of Percutane
 Having suffered numerous injuries over her sporting career such as soft tissue sprains and strains, fast acting Percutane helps her go the distance. 



Kate Hollywood Percutane

Still competing in triathlons and marathons, I train at an elite level every day, so I know only too well the muscular aches and pains that can occur and muscle fatigue that I suffer. So I use Percutane Sports Cream to help soothe my tired, painful muscles after a training session or before as a pre-exercise warm up cream.

 I like to stick to a healthy, natural diet so I love that when I use Percutane Sports Cream I am using a natural, plant based, pain relief cream. I only need to use a small amount, it rubs right in and better still, there is no lasting odour, so I can wear it anywhere, anytime.” 

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