What to use Percutane Sports Cream for

  • Pre-exercise warm up preparation
  • Temporary relief of exercise induced pain
  • To promote circulatory warming and musculo-skeletal mobility
  • Help revitalise tired muscles                                           
  • To assist in the management of sprains and soft tissue trauma

Whether you are an elite athlete or a retiree playing a round of golf with friends, Percutane Sports Cream can help you prepare your muscles and joints so that you can perform at your best.

Apply Percutane Sports Cream 30 minutes before exercise to help warm up cold muscles and get your joints moving freely. 

Why let aches & pains stop you from getting on with life?

How can Percutane Sports Cream help?

Percutane Sports Cream can help revitalise tired muscles, temporarily relieve exercise induced pain and assist in the management of sprains and muscle strains.



The capsaicin in Percutane Sports Cream provides temporary relief from muscular aches and pains by inhibiting Substance P, which transmits pain signals to the brain and the arnica and burdock can assist to reduce inflammation, swelling and bruising.


With Percutane you know you are going to get a result.